LUCY 4.8.5

Lucy 4.8.5 is available for automated update! Please make sure you have no active campaigns running before updating!

New features

  • Accessibility compliance for the whole UI
  • New attack type – iCalendar
  • New language for templates: Macedonian
  • Multitenant capabilities for Settings


  • Ability to send multiple awareness emails for the campaigns containing multiple phishing scenarios
  • Ability to export data from several campaigns at one action into a single file. The export file contains additional columns for Campaign Name, Client and Branch
  • Ability to select user groups for importing recipients from Azure Active Directory
  • Additional information for campaign statistics via API
  • Ability to search in Recipient Groups by Custom Fields
  • Significant improvements of filtering automatic link clicks made by bots and robots
  • Additional confirmation for deletion of recipients from the groups participating in running campaigns
  • Configurable value for statistics visibility for small groups in anonymous mode
  • Tooltip with the description for the file attachment templates
  • Multi-selection for deleting export files
  • Password length limit increase in Password Policy
  • Automatic selection of the default client on Recipient group creation
  • Ability to export filtered events from Support – Status
  • Improved Swagger API documentation
  • Training status for trainings in the End User Portal

Bugs fixed

  • Deletion of reported emails in O365 plugin
  • Web Server start failure after SSL auto-renew
  • Update to the latest version of PDF generator library
  • Wrong timing in video templates
  • Incorrect information in the campaign deletion in the log