LUCY 4.8.4

Lucy 4.8.4 is available for automated update! Please make sure you have no active campaigns running before updating!

New Features

  • PDF file-based Attack that allows to send PDF files with an attack simulation link. PDF files can be prepared within Lucy as HTML and they will be automatically converted to PDF just before sending out attack simulations.
  • New Burmese, Chinese Cantonese and Vietnamese languages for templates
  • Ability to view and export all clicks on the attack simulation link


  • Sort order in Overall Recipient Statistics tables
  • New “Quiz Passed At” field in Recipient statistics
  • Additional columns in Export – All file to differentiate between quiz and non-quiz trainings
  • Diploma generation immediately after successful training
  • Automatic refresh of the End-User Portal and Statistics
  • Automatic selection of the language in the End-User Portal based on Recipient’s language, it can be configured manually from the UI
  • Training status in the list of available trainings in the End-User Portal.

Bugs fixed

  • Statistics calculation in the End-User Portal
  • Global Link availability in stopped campaigns
  • Let’s Encrypt autorenewal for sub-domains
  • Unnecessary statistics by Comment field
  • Risk distribution by Location
  • Template download issues
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for Docker installations
  • Per cent of completed trainings for awareness-only campaigns