LUCY 4.8.3

Lucy 4.8.3 is available for automated update! Please make sure you have no active campaigns running before updating!

New Features

  • Multiple LDAP integrations. Introduced a possibility to configure multiple LDAP servers that are bound to Client and/or Branch to provide independent simultaneous synchronizations of recipient groups with different LDAP servers
  • Interactive API documentation available directly from Lucy menu Settings → API Whitelist → API Documentation
  • New Euskera language for templates
  • Customizable campaign reminder templates
  • New API End-points for Campaign Scheduler


  • Improved API End-points: Custom fields, Campaign Statistics
  • Extended character set for Recipient Import
  • Extended set of Antivirus/Firewall protection intervals
  • Ability to report phishing Incidents as an EML attachments via O365 Plugin
  • Ability to report phishing incidents to multiple emails via O365 Plugin

Bugs fixed

  • Erasing statistics of all recipients in case of removing a single recipient
  • Incorrect statistics caused by Antivirus interval for File-based attack
  • Running campaign status in the campaign backup
  • Template attributes visibility
  • Unsupported symbols in recipients import files
  • Too many redirects with OAuth SSO
  • Incorrect statistics in Awareness-only campaigns