LUCY 4.8.2

Lucy 4.8.2 is available for automated update! Please make sure you have no active campaigns running before updating!

New Features

  • Flexible template attributes. There is a global list of template attributes automatically uploaded by all Lucy instances and available for template editing and creation. The list is managed by Lucy team
  • Template filter that allows to filter templates by any template attribute including template Languages
  • Ability to create On-boarding campaigns via new Scheduler Rule Type “Yearly Campaign”. It is possible to schedule sending multiple attack or awareness scenarios within 12 months from adding a recipient to the campaign aiming to organize an onboarding security course for new employees
  • New file-based templates: HTML and SVG attachments
  • New API End-points:
  • Campaign Report
  • Campaign Errors
  • Campaign Status
  • Campaign Exports
  • Diplomas
  • Export Incident Reports to Jira
  • Creation of a campaign based on Campaign Template


  • End User Portal can be located at any domain that differs from the domain of the Admin Panel
  • Serbian language for templates
  • Handling disabled LDAP users
  • Visibility of long Campaign names on the Dashboard

Bugs fixed

  • Upper/Lower case names in recipient import files
  • Awareness-only statistics
  • Awareness sub-domain for End User Portal
  • User/Supervisor ability to bind awareness to an attack simulation
  • Resend button appearance for scheduled campaigns
  • Incorrect Statistics in End User Portal
  • LHFC scanner download from Wizard
  • Mail Manager: email contents incorrect display
  • Incorrect permissions for Client and Branch
  • Incorrect filtering from Azure AD server
  • Excessive write access to Azure AD
  • Insufficient search filters for Azure AD import
  • LDAP access with no SSL
  • Confirmation for deactivation recipients
  • Possible crash of the web server in Master and Slave configuration
  • Overall recipient statistics in Anonymous mode
  • Let’s Encrypt certificate issue/renew
  • Server test fail for OAUTH2
  • File-based scenarios bugs
  • Out Of Office delay for tracking responses
  • SOO/SAML incorrect initial configuration
  • Mail Manager performance improvement to avoid lost emails
  • UTF8 characters in CSV files for recipient import