Lucy 4.8

Lucy 4.8 is available for automated update! Please make sure you have no active campaigns running before updating!

New Features

  • Multiple awareness for awareness only campaigns. It is possible to assign different awareness scenarios for different recipient groups in awareness only campaigns. Risk level differentiation is also supported
  • Ability of separate scheduling different awareness scenarios. It is possible now to separately schedule training scenarios in awareness only campaigns
  • New Branch attribute for campaigns, users and templates. A new Branch attribute for Clients is introduced. Campaigns, recipient groups and templates can now be restricted for administrative users within the same Client based on the Branch attribute of the user
  • New API endpoint for removing a recipient group from campaigns
  • New Mail Manager. Mail Manager was completely re-designed to increase its performance, stability and usability especially for the campaigns with a huge number of recipients
  • End User statistics export. It is possible to export end-user list filtered by Campaign or Recipient Group with general statistics. Export data can also be grouped by Recipient Group or Campaign
  • Overall Recipient Statistics. It is possible to view general Recipient statistics under Campaign Statistics menu. Data can be viewed and exported using filter by Campaign, Recipient Group or time period


  • LDAP Sync Tool: ability to work without administration rights
  • LDAP Sync Tool: ability to connect to Lucy via proxy
  • SMTP connection test console output
  • Ability to use %gender% variable when no gender attribute defined for a recipient

Bugs fixed

  • Inaccurate statistics in report variables %charts.awareness%, %victim.table.trainingstats% and %awareness.completed%
  • Incorrect awareness website language with Direct Login for recipients with different languages
  • Comma in Fake Recipient Name
  • Anonymization for Divisions with less than 10 recipients
  • Anonymization in Compare function
  • Detection of the OS and Browser versions in awareness only campaign
  • Logs rotation for Docker installation
  • Chronology of events in Timeline
  • Geolocation in Master/Slave environment
  • Quiz score attribute in API
  • Authorization via LDAP with SSL
  • Custom name for PDF file-based scenarios
  • Metadata in SCORM export
  • Training overview chart stats
  • Visits accounting
  • Campaign visibility for administrative users
  • License options
  • Inaccurate average scenario time in campaign exports
  • “Only successfully phished” option of the scheduler
  • Incorrect statistics if Success Action is set to Clicked
  • Ability to stop campaign on Slave in Reflective Master&Slave configuration
  • Export to SCORM wrong metadata
  • Training overview chart incorrect stats
  • Bugs in visits accounting
  • Bugs in campaign visibility for administrative users
  • Minor bugs in license options