Lucy 4.7.8

Lucy 4.7.8 is available for automated update! Please make sure you have no active campaigns running before updating!

New Features

  • SMTP OAuth2 authentication mechanism. OAuth2 protocol for SMTP servers makes Office 365 (Exchange Online) more secure. Gmail support is coming out next year. Other providers will be added depending on the need and applicability
  • O365 mobile support. Phishing button for Office 365 can now be used in Outlook mobile app in the same way as on desktop computers. Reinstallation of the plugin is required
  • Single Sign-on: Azure AD OAuth2 authorization. Azure AD OAuth2 authorization. It is possible to configure SSO for Lucy users using Azure AD OAuth2 authorization
  • End Users: send password reset link instead of plain text password. It is possible to send a password reset link in awareness email instead of attachment to access the End User Portal
  • External ID for recipients in API. This feature is important for those users who would like to develop custom mechanism of synchronization of recipients using Lucy’s REST API


  • German translation of the UI
  • Whitelabel: all Lucy references can be replaced

Bugs fixed

  • Track Responses: case sensitive
  • Incorrect schedule plan
  • SSL certificates: Certbot won’t update