Lucy 4.7.5

Lucy 4.7.5 is available for automated update! Please make sure you have no active campaigns running before updating!

New features

  • New setting to configure the “From” field of the system notification emails (Settings -> Advanced Settings, System Notification Emails field)
  • Multi-language support of the UI and messages in Outlook MSI Plugin. It is possible to configure translations for the following system locales: Dutch, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian
  • New design of the End User Portal
  • Possibility for the administrators to configure the widgets on the End User Portal (Settings -> End Users -> Enduser Portal Settings)
  • New column “Certificate received” in the All Recipients export file
  • New export filter “Received Training Certificate” for the recipients who received their certificates


  • On the “Recipients” step of the Campaign Wizard the contents of the selected recipient group are displayed
  • Campaign Statistics sub-menus are highlighted
  • Main menu re-organized: Recipients menu moved as a sub-menu of Settings, Sessions menu moved as a sub-menu of Tools, Status menu moved as a sub-menu of Support
  • Campaign Base Settings page re-organized
  • New page for Attack Settings introduced for faster access to the list of attack scenarios
  • Scenario Setting page re-organized, Scenario summary page became a part of Campaign Statistics Summary page (Scenario Selection button)

Bugs fixed

  • Subject encoding bug after changing the template language
  • Unchecking of a single recipient group unchecked all recipient lists
  • Empty MAIL FROM command in case of external SMTP server
  • Wrong contents of the %Subject% variable for emails
  • Incorrect behavior of the Repeating rule of the Scheduler
  • Error 500 for campaign templates with anonymous mode
  • Missing files in the saved campaign templates
  • Automatic detection of the “Quiz” option in Campaign Wizard
  • Incorrect removing of the “Deny For” rule in Campaign Filters
  • Several awareness emails in campaigns with several attack scenarios