Lucy 4.6

Lucy 4.6 is available for automated update! Please make sure you have no active campaigns running before updating!

New features:

  • SSO/SAML 2.0 support for ADFS added
  • Advanced Automatic backup functionality now allows to select what to backup among options: All, Database, Files, Configuration or System sources. Backup schedule can be specified
  • HSM Database Encryption added


  • “Anonymous mode” option moved to Campaign Base Settings since it always affects the whole campaign
  • Updating statistics process is now takes quite a shorter time due to significant optimization
  • Added a feature to select recipient groups to be automatically updated via “Autoupdate LDAP recipients” option
  • Many new variables are available for Campaign Phishing Reports
  • Several additional charts are now available for Campaign Phishing Reports
  • Campaign report template improved to display all possible data
  • Ability to choose between MSL and EML types for downloading files on the Incidents page added
  • Master/slave improved: SMTP traffic can now be forwarded from Slave to Master; incidents and statistics are transferred from Slave to Master
  • Lucy can now fetch information on sender and recipients from reported phishing emails and display it, the information is also available from Lucy API
  • Campaign scheduler is improved to take into account current time zone settings for weekend days
  • Many minor improvements in MSI Outlook and Office365 plugins
  • Available disk space is checked before installing updates and templates
  • Out of office and bounced e-mails detection by subject added
  • Enduser/Reputation Level statistics improved
  • Many other minor improvements in core functionality

Bugs fixed:

  • Whitelabel can now correctly handle transparent background in images
  • Incidents message headers are now correctly parsed by Lucy and may be returned via API in JSON format
  • PayPal payments are correctly processed and the balance is updated accordingly
  • Recipients with umlauts in their email addresses can be correctly imported now
  • Comma in sender name is correctly handled now
  • German localization is improved
  • Clear db backups folder function now clears the whole contents of the folder
  • SMISHING campaign – correct handling SMS templates taking into account maximum SMS length
  • Lucy server correctly handles phishing reports with large attachments now
  • Outlook 2013 freezing is fixed now
  • E-learning and re-scheduled statistics display is improved in Phishing Campaign reports
  • Lucy sends correct IP addresses in e-mails with login information for End Users
  • Many other minor bugs fixed