Lucy 4.4

Lucy 4.4 is available for automated update and download! Please make sure you have no active campaigns running before updating!

Update notes:

  • Improve awareness and scenario templates menu
  • Conditional automatic awareness delivery options
  • Ability to activate/deactivate scenarios in campaigns
  • Recipient statistics improvements
  • Scheduler randomization improvement
  • Service log browser improvement
  • Enduser password policy improvement
  • Delayed campaign report improvement
  • Domain registration ICANN verification
  • Pinned campaign support
  • Reputation level image scaling
  • Added default reputation levels
  • Ability to startup of services/features on demand
  • Ability to search by domains in incidents
  • Ability to reset incidents
  • Added abuse message template
  • Ability to send one abuse email for multiple similar incidents
  • Anonymization improvements
  • Mail & Web Filter: additional configuration options
  • Mail & Web Filter checks
  • Returned domains configuration to Mail & Web Filter scenarios
  • Outlook O365 plugin: implemented all features from MSI plugin
  • Outlook plugin text customization
  • Outlook plugin: process meeting invites
  • Outlook plugin: additional email contacts
  • Enabled HTTP forwarding proxy configuration in community edition