Lucy 4.3

We have started the rollout of LUCY 4.3. The image is available on The latest version of LUCY Server offers many interesting functional enhancements and improvements: A new wizard is available to make your first campaigns even easier. A two-factor authentication is now available for end users and for the trainings there is now a real training portal, in which the user can manage his trainings and follow his learning progress. Last but not least, there is a new “Awareness Training Library”, where the end user can individually select his own training from a whole library of training modules.

Linux Upgrade – But the most far-reaching change is the upgrade of the operating system to Debian Linux 9.5 Stretch. This measure was necessary to ensure maintainability and to maintain system security, as this guarantees security updates for the OS until 2022.

All customers using a system hosted by LUCY will be contacted directly by our support within the next weeks. Customers who use LUCY as VMware, VirtualBox or AWS appliance have an automated upgrade routine available for the update.

Customers who have installed LUCY natively on Debian, using a Docker container, will get an automated upgrade as well. Customers with native installations without Docker will be contacted by our support engineers to schedule a convenient time for manual upgrade within next few weeks.

Contact support in case of problems – We hope to have served with this information. If you have any problems with the upgrade, please do not hesitate to open a ticket directly at Note that no campaigns can run at the upgrade time and that the server is restarted during the upgrade.

Enjoy using LUCY Server!


  • Migrated to Debian 9
  • Wizard improvement
  • Campaign stats optimization
  • 2FA for admins and end users
  • Threat analysis for endusers
  • Add attachments to PDF
  • User reputation report
  • Disk usage tracking
  • New reporting variables
  • Postfix analysis improvements
  • LDAP connection improvement
  • Training library support
  • Block search engine networks from accessing Lucy
  • Fake CC field in message template
  • Incident center improvements
  • CSV, PDF export of Mail & Web Filter Test results
  • Campaign message log: search and filter