Lucy 4.2

Start summer with all new Lucy 4.2! You can download VMware ESXi, VMware Workstation, VirtualBox images and Linux installer script on Lucy website, or use a pre-configured AMI on Amazon EC2 instance (search for “lucy” in Community AMIs when creating an instance). If you are using a commercial license, you can update the system through the “Update” section in Lucy. Please make sure you have no active campaigns running before updating Lucy!

Update notes:

  • Mail & Web Filter Test improvements
  • Landing subpages without authentication
  • Multi-awareness improvement
  • Docker configuration
  • Outlook: deeper message analysis
  • Incident list: campaign filter
  • New reporting variables in awareness mail/website
  • Postfix: support TLS for outgoing messages
  • Client-based incident reports
  • Gmail phishing button
  • Dashboard: new filters
  • Custom icon support for Outlook
  • Report template editor improvements
  • Mail spoofing test