Lucy 2.7

Lucy 2.7 is released! You can download VMware ESXi, VMware Workstation, VirtualBox images and Debian/Ubuntu installer script on the Lucy website, or use a pre-configured AMI on Amazon EC2 instance (search for “lucy” in Community AMIs when creating an instance). If you are using a commercial license, you can update the system through the “Update” section in Lucy.

Update notes:

  • USB Attack support – check if your employees will run executable files from USB sticks
  • Licensing model adjustment – decrease the amount of used recipients on message submission
  • Reporting – selectable period for daily and hourly stats charts
  • Optional blacklist check in Spam Checker – Spam Checker now checks only 10 black lists by default
  • Successful attack options – configure how Lucy will count successful attacks
  • Configurable SMTP server name
  • Protection against instant link clicks from Firewall/Antivirus software
  • Ability to select all available templates for download
  • Add wildcard subdomain automatically when registering a domain through Lucy
  • Security improvements
  • Multiple bugfixes