Lucy 2.7

Lucy 2.7 is released! You can download VMware ESXi, VMware Workstation, VirtualBox images and Debian/Ubuntu installer script on the Lucy website, or use a pre-configured AMI on Amazon EC2 instance (search for “lucy” in Community AMIs when creating an instance). If you are using a commercial license, you can update the system through the “Update” section in Lucy.

Update notes:

  • USB Attack support – check if your employees will run executable files from USB sticks
  • Licensing model adjustment – decrease the amount of used recipients on message submission
  • Reporting – selectable period for daily and hourly stats charts
  • Optional blacklist check in Spam Checker – Spam Checker now checks only 10 black lists by default
  • Successful attack options – configure how Lucy will count successful attacks
  • Configurable SMTP server name
  • Protection against instant link clicks from Firewall/Antivirus software
  • Ability to select all available templates for download
  • Add wildcard subdomain automatically when registering a domain through Lucy
  • Security improvements
  • Multiple bugfixes

Lucy 2.6 Messaging Issue

Please reboot your system after upgrading Lucy to 2.6! Most of our clients report that Lucy is unable to send messages after the upgrade. The 2.6 version has big changes in messaging system and it seems that they are not applied correctly during the upgrade. If you spot the same issue on your Lucy instance, please restart the system in order to fix it.

If the problem persists after the reboot, feel free to contact us.