Lucy 1.8

Start the week with the new awesome version of Lucy! Lucy 1.8 is available for download on the Lucy website and of course, if you are one of our happy commercial license owners, you can update the system through the “Update” section in Lucy.

Update notes:

  • Technical malware simulation – check if your users are vulnerable to common malware threats and attack methods
  • Custom domain and SSL certificate for awareness websites
  • Map recipients to campaign, awareness website or campaign + awareness website at the same time
  • Awareness website statistics
  • Predefined login form templates in landing template editor
  • Date and Message-ID SMTP headers
  • Ability to specify custom SMTP headers
  • Campaign and scenario summary page autorefresh
  • HTTP proxy support for outgoing Lucy connections
  • Help for specific keyboards in console tools
  • Ability to run automated Lucy configuration after the first setup
  • Bugs fixed

Lucy 1.7

We are excited to announce the next amazing Lucy update! Lucy 1.7 is available for download on the Lucy website. If you are using the commercial license, please update the system through the “Update” section in Lucy.

Update notes:

  • Ability to edit recipients from the UI
  • Tracking e-mail opens
  • Awareness website scheduling
  • Anonymous victim data support
  • Tracking file downloads from landing pages
  • Campaign progress widget
  • Templates backup & restore improvements
  • Timezone settings
  • Limited the number of collected data entries per victim
  • Offline license activation for installations behind the firewall
  • HTTP access for awareness website
  • Multiple bugs fixed